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Our Elementary program is made up of the primary program for kindergarten through 2nd grade and the intermediate program for students in 3rd through 5th grade. 


The primary program is filled with a variety of exciting aspects to engage each student. We create a structure for our students that will provide predictable routines and limits to ensure success during our daily activities. Students learn how to connect and empathize with others while safely getting their wants and needs met in a small group setting. They are inspired to make choices and promote independence throughout the day.


When students reach 3rd through 5th grade, they are given the ability to enhance their academic and social-emotional skills, while functioning in a daily routine similar to a middle school. It is designed to allow students the opportunity to experience different teachers for different subjects, as well as develop independence and responsibility. Every student continues to receive a high-quality education following the Florida State Standards and utilizing research-based instructional material.



Our curriculum integrates Handwriting Without Tears, Reading Milestones, Houghton Mifflin, Basic Math and Project Based Learning while following the Florida Standards to assure all areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Sciences are addressed.

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