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Our educational programs are individually planned and monitored to tap into the unique learning styles of each student. We implement a unique arrangement of teaching procedures, adapted equipment and materials designed to help learners with special needs achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and increased self-esteem.

Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

All students are on an Individualized education plan. These are developed on an annual basis together with the educational team, therapists, and parents.


At Learning Links, thematic based curricular activities encourage active learning through exploration with concrete materials and interaction with peers and adults. We also believe that true learning comes from the ability to encounter life experiences while becoming an active participant in his/her daily routine. We follow the state standards in all major subject area however, we modify the curriculum as needed to accommodate and facilitate individual learning. Our classrooms are designed in colorful interactive ways. We provide students with materials and daily experiences that mirror the setup of neurotypical classrooms. We believe that if we hold our students to high expectations and standards, while providing the proper support, they will succeed. Additionally, our program implements clinical methods which help improve auditory and visual comprehension, memory, processing speed, attention, listening, logic and reasoning and organizational skills. 


Our curriculum programs for our core classes (reading, math, science, and social studies) have been adopted to suit a variety of individual needs and learning styles.

Reading Milestone Literacy Program

This successful, alternative, language-controlled program is the most popular reading program of its kind. Designed for students with learning delays. Reading Street Developed exclusively for differentiated instruction, Reading Street prioritizes skill instruction for the right reading skill, at the right time, for every student.

Houghton Mifflin Reading

This award winning reading program includes big books, and read alouds, will engage students with vivid imagery and captivating story lines.

The Wright Group Phonics Program

Presents phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency as advocated by the National Reading Panel.

Scott Foresman Science Series

Students learn science through active participation and observation,

leveled readers and hands on science lessons.

Momentum Math

A flexible, targeted intervention program that builds essential concepts through step by step instruction.

Math Connect (McGraw Hill)

This series incorporates multiple elements of learning to produce a curriculum that will enable children to succeed in math with clear displayed assignments to minimize distraction.

Touch Math

Touch Math is a multisensory program that uses its signature Touch Points to engage students of all abilities and learning styles. The award-winning, step-by-step approach covers: Counting • Addition • Subtraction • Place Value • Multiplication • Division • Time • Money • Fractions • Story Problems • Shapes • Sizes • Pre-algebra

Handwriting Without Tears and Didax My Best Handwriting

All Learning Links teachers are trained in HWT and incorporate daily lessons that practice correct positioning and strokes to help improve students’ writing and fine motor skills.

The Alert Program

Our teaching staff is trained in this highly acclaimed sensory integration program developed to facilitate sensory regulation in the classroom.

Art Program

Art classes encourages creative representation through a variety of mixed media.

All students participate in weekly art classes.

Physical Education Program

Our PE program is taught and directed by our PE coach. The program focuses on developing Gross motor skills and sports skills.

Martial Arts Program

Martial Arts help to improve coordination, core strength and sensory regulation as well as discipline. Our Martial Arts program is guided by Sensei Lana from Kia Kids.

In-House Speech and Occupational Therapy

We have a selection of Speech and Occupational Therapists that work very closely with our teachers. Our independent providers are fully licensed by the state of Florida. 

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