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Students Taking Responsibility In Developing Excellence   


STRIDE is a program designed for students in the upper grades. Our central focus is to provide all of the necessary components that will help students gain more independence as they enter pre-adolescence. Through guidance, social interaction with peers, and age appropriate expectations, students will develop skills that are essential for achieving greater independence, responsibility, self awareness, understanding of various perspectives and promote higher academic aptitude.


In order to continue to develop more age appropriate expectations and greater academic success, we have adopted the approach of departmentalized education for our students in upper grades.

Students receive Language arts/ reading, social studies, mathematics and science with four different teachers. By changing teachers throughout the day, students will have the opportunity to develop strong, positive relationships among a variety of students and teachers. This bonding is critical to healthy intellectual and emotional development and sets the stage for future academic success and personal/social development for young adolescents. Student’s participating in this program will continue to receive Art, Martial Arts, Yoga, and P.E. in addition to their core classes.

An Environment Designed for Engagement

When students walk into a STRIDE classroom, they should immediately see that something is different. It won't be long before they realize that this is a classroom designed for engagement—with technology, with text, with their teacher, and with each other. We understand that although many of our students participating in STRIDE are similar in their social emotional maturity, their academics varies between subject areas. Our classrooms are designed to facilitate whole group instruction as well as small group rotations in order to individualize instruction for each learner. 

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