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Learning Links’s Art Gallery Night Fundraiser

Help us make this fundraiser a success. 

Invite your friends and family to the Gallery Night on Friday February 25th, everyone is welcomed.

It is a wonderful event showcasing the incredible talents of our kids.

Ways you can make the Art Gallery Night a SUCCESS!

Donate to the Art Gallery Night 

Department Competition 

No Donation is ever too small, together we can make a difference. 

 Even if you are unable to attend the Art Gallery Night you can help by donating below and help you child's department win a special trip with their department. 

Competition will close on Monday February 28th and the winning department will be announced. 

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All donors will receive a special one of a kind handmade gift created by our students. 

  • No donation is too small, for custom amounts use this link

Art Gallery Night Sponsorship

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