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Learning Links School - An Alternative Approach to a Traditional School

Meet Our Dream Team

        Our teachers are an eclectic and energetic group of professionals who hold degrees in Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Psychology, and liberal arts with training in ABA, Floortime, and Sensory Integration.  We’ve also added a healthy dose of speech therapy, occupational, and sensory integration consultants. We feel that a one of a kind program requires a one of a kind staff that can call upon their experience and expertise to create a daily program that addresses the cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs of each and every child in our care.
       Come visit our teacher(s) pages regularly for important classroom news and information. Click on their picture to enter their class page. 

Primary Department

Ms. Ariana Zelonker Harris- Primary Department Chair

Ms. Angelica Arenas- General Studies 


Ms. Lambda Rivera and Ms. Nastassia Proenza- General Studies



Intermediate Department 

Ms. Stephanie Elias- Intermediate Department Chair
Reading and Social Studies

Ms. Iris Reconco and Ms. Maria Castallanos 
Science and Mathematics

Ms. Adriana Torres- Intermediate Department Chair

Ms. Johana Mayorga
Reading and Language Arts Department 

Ms. Michelle Cabrera 
Science and Social Studies

STRIDE Department 

Ms. Diana Molina- STRIDE Department Chair 
Social Studies

Ms. Ana Padilla
Reading and Keyboarding

Mr. Dennis Harris


Mr. Charles Morales


PACE Department

Mrs. Stephanie Hernandez 
PACE Director/Department Chair


Ms. Christina Mendoza
Reading and Social Studies 


Mr. Jose Monteagudo
Mathematics and Science

Mr. Roger Martin 
Wood Working, Culinary and Vocational Skills

Ms. Bianca Illa
Broadcasting, Journalism and Vocational Skills